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Mid South Communications, Inc. President, Stephen Wood, co-established the company in 2005 with his brother Craig Swanner. Stephen sets the expectations of transparency, accountability, and integrity for his employees, as well as builds and executes contracts for a capital budget.

Stephen worked as a Lieutenant at the Oxford Fire Department in MS for eight years, until his recent retirement. Since 2001, Stephen has also held the position Chief of Operations at the Lafayette County Fire Department. Stephen has four contractor's licenses in four states including Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. 

Stephen started as a green hand when first starting in the telecommunications field, but because of his experience and understanding of the business, he has been able to work his way up to the President of MSC. His delegation and management skills have aided him in maintaining a successful and growing business. 

Stephen believes that MSC provides essential work to the telecommunications field, as well as to all of Mid South Communications' clients. 

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