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Justin Wilson, Project Manager, began his career in telecom with Mid South Communications in 2007 as a dual role civil hand and tower climber. Justin excelled in his positions and desired to learn more about the industry.


In 2008, Justin relocated to another region of the United States and began working for Westower Communications as a tower climber. Within four short years, Justin was promoted to foreman of a tower crew for Westower Communications. During this period Justin was able to travel to and work in 42 different states, offering exposure to all types of geography and climate along with the effects that both elements have on telecommunication towers.


Justin would go on to work for Gulf Services as a crew foreman in 2016. In 2019 Justin was promoted to Construction Manager for Gulf Services and one year later, he held the dual role as a Construction Manager/Project Manager (CM/PM). In 2022 Justin resigned from Gulf Services and rejoined Mid South Communications as a PM.


Justin’s specialties include: gin pole rigging/utilization, stacking towers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile L&A, full rawland buildouts, and building & decommissioning high voltage transmission structures.

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