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Site supervisor, Jacob Magee, started his telecommunications career in 2017 with Mid South Communications. Jacob specialized in advanced installs of Verizon equipment and complete tower erections.


In 2018 Jacob relocated to another region of the country to pursue other professional endeavors within the telecommunications industry. While away, Jacob gained invaluable knowledge relating to several major carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish Wireless.


In July of 2022, Jacob, now a seasoned veteran of the telecommunications industry, heard the call to return to his hometown of Water Valley, Mississippi and bring with him years of experience working in different regional market and an advanced understanding of several major carriers.

Jacob has advanced from an entry level technician, tower top hand, crew foreman, and now serves as the primary site supervisor for Mid South Communications. Jacob plays no small part in the overall success of Mid South Communications mission, which has always been the safety of our crews and complete satisfaction of our customers.

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